4 Tips For Overcoming Camera Shyness

February 25

Do you feel shy in front of the camera?

Guess what - you’re not alone!

In fact, most people feel at least a little uncomfortable or shy when having professional photos taken. Even “confident” people get nervous and feel shy. And, this applies to veteran business people, students getting senior portraits, and anyone in between.

Here are several tips that can help you loosen up and relieve that shyness:

1) Find The Right Photographer For YOU 

First, you want to find the right photographer for YOU. This can make all the difference in the world. Not all photographers are created equal and different photographers gel with different personality types. You want to find a photographer that is friendly, kind, patient, and understands photo shyness. I recommend interviewing your photographer before you hire them. Schedule a Zoom call or see them face to face so you can get a good feel for how they will be during the day of your photoshoot.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Instead of waiting until the day of the photoshoot to overcome your shyness, start practicing a week or so before it’s time. Practice in front of the mirror and make different facial expressions. Pretend like you’re a kid again and act out all the facial expressions you wish to capture the day of your photoshoot.

3) Have A Plan

Well before the day of your photoshoot, talk to your photographer about what types of photos you want to capture. Do you want to look intense, confident, silly, fun, confident, happy, etc? Think about all the moods you want to capture and communicate that to your photographer. A high quality photographer will understand ways to help you cultivate that look by asking you questions or having you think of a memory that made you feel a certain way. Feelings are the gateway to amazing photos that capture the essence of your true self. 

4) Build Confidence

We are usually critical of ourselves and tend to focus on our flaws. Then we worry about those flaws standing out in our photos. The truth is, others won’t even notice them. So, instead of focusing on what you are worried about, focus on all of your best features. Start noticing your beautiful smile or your gorgeous eyes. Focus on all the positives and do your best to let go of what you are worried about. 

In the end, have fun with it and remember what the photo shoot is for. Keep your end goal in mind and enjoy it the best you can.

Looking to schedule a photoshoot with a friendly, kind, and professional photographer? Please feel free to reach out to me today for a complimentary Zoom consultation. I can put your mind at ease.


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