Restaurants need menu shoots and marketing that make people hungry.

Dishes shown visually (if done well) sell more.  Tantalizing, well-staged food photography is essential, because customers check out your restaurant online before deciding to come in.  Wow them. 

And, as a business owner, you know how important it is to balance costs with profits. That's why I offer both one-time shoots and a monthly or quarterly subscription package to insure you are always updating while maintaining cost-certainty.

Benefits of Working With JR Photography

  • Appetizing
    My goal is to get your viewers hungry and I stage dishes to be as appetizing as possible. 
  • Menu and Online Ready
    All images are suitable for an both physical menus, online menus, and your website. 
  • Consistency
    Item to item, your photography will be consistent. This is very helpful for ease-of-viewing and for branding.
  • Branding
    All shots can be branded with your preferred watermarks and/or logo.

Flexibility In Pricing

In addition to one-time shoots, I also offer both monthly and quarterly subscription packages.  These allow you to consistently update your menu while also locking in cost-certainty.  

This tends to be popular with restaurants because of the cost-savings.  Rather than paying a lump-sum up front and spending a lot on the ingredients and the man power to prep and cook the dishes, you can spread a dish or two into each session.

Another big benefit of using a subscription is familiarity. You get to develop a deeper menu understanding with me over time and you get more comfortable with having me around because I'm with you regularly.

Please inquire and we can discuss pricing based on your needs.

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