JR Photography specializes in the visual storytelling of your brand.

Whether you need branding as the face of your organization, branding for your team, an individual headshot for your work or social media, or headshots for your team, I can help.  I love to support small businesses and other entrepreneurs in my community.

Branding For You

What is branding? If advertising is a subset of marketing, marketing is a subset of branding. Brand is more than a name or a logo: branding is your feel, your passion, and your mission. Especially if you are the face of your business, the power of your is what drives your relationship with your customer base and helps your ideal customer know that you’re their ideal problem-solver.

Branding sessions involve an in-depth planning phase. We’ll talk about your mission and the established pieces of your brand (and don’t worry - if you need help here, I can guide you!) and match your themes with the perfect setting.

Professional styling and hair and makeup is highly recommended for these sessions! I can coordinate these for you as a part of your session fee or you can align these pieces on your own - your choice.


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Branding For Your Team

Branding for your team follows the exact same process as above. It’s best to have one or two points of contact for your team to bring the needs of the team and the brand cohesion to the planning meeting. I am available to speak to your team as a whole and to individuals throughout the process.

Team branding includes individual headshots of all members, pictures of your workspace, posed group photos, and editorial coverage of your team in their element for half-day or whole-day increments.


Sweet and Simple Headshots

If you need one solid headshot for work or your social media, I’ve got you covered. We can conduct your headshot session indoors in my studio or outdoors. I can arrange hair and makeup for you, or you can come ready to shoot.


Team Headshots

Team headshots are a great way to visualize your team’s cohesion. Pricing is structured based on the number of participants.

Please contact me for pricing.

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