Within the ever-expanding online and e-commerce market, high-quality photography is essential to get your products to stand out and to give potential customers confidence that they will receive exactly what they want. 

By using advanced lighting techniques, combined with expertise in framing each shot, modeling and styling products, creating video clips / highlight reels, and giving you either an on-site or studio look, I work hard to make sure your products look amazing. 

And, as a business owner, you know how important it is to balance costs with profits. That's why I offer both one-time shoots and a monthly or quarterly subscription package to insure you are always updating your catalog while having cost-certainty.

Benefits of Working With JR Photography

  • Consistency
    Product-to-product, your photography will be consistent. This is very helpful for ease-of-viewing and for branding.
  • E-Commerce Ready
    All images are suitable for an e-commerce website or and online shopping platform.
  • Multiple Looks
    Each item/product can be shot from multiple angles, to your specifications, so your viewers can see every aspect of your offering.
  • Branding
    All shots can be branded with your preferred watermarks and/or logo.

Multiple Pricing Options

In addition to the traditional model, I offer monthly and quarterly pricing options for small businesses. This allows you to consistently update your catalog and marketing images, with the advantage of cost certainty, too.

A big benefit of using a subscription model is familiarity. Rather than trying to rake your mind, explaining your brand to a photographer and keeping your fingers crossed during a one-off photo shoot, I recommend establishing a relationship with your photographer. The comfort and trust that comes with regularly working with the same photographer boosts the quality of all of your images.

Recent Examples: