Applications for the Spring 2021 Internship with JR Photography are now open. Interviews are being offered for two tracks this spring:

  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Management
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

Please have your application submitted by December 20, 2020.

JR Photography is offering interviews for two tracks this spring - digital marketing/social media management and creative entrepreneurship:

Digital marketing/social media management is perfect for interns who are interested in pursuing communications, psychology, business, PR/marketing or English in college.  In this internship, you'll learn how to use social media, surveys, insights, and other web analytics to make decisions about how well different campaigns are working.  You will learn some basics of marketing in the digital world as well. 

Creative entrepreneurship is geared towards students who are interested in pursuing the arts in their working life.  Photography equipment is required for this internship (see application for details). Applicants should have an interest in photography and a portfolio available for review.  Interns will learn about photography technical and creative techniques, get on-the-job experience, and some basics of running a legal and profitable business in North Carolina.

**Please have your application submitted by December 20, 2020.

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