How to Boost Your Business On the Internet: Branding Subscriptions Explained

January 26

Do you have a hard time staying consistent on social media?  Do you feel like your internet presence is not working for you? If you've ever said "I'm no photographer", then this post is for you!

JR Photography offers a new and different solution for handling professional photos, new in 2021, and I want you to know about it.

It's perfect for you if:

  • You are designing or redesigning your website
  • You use social media to connect with your potential clients
  • You want professional photography, but you fear the cost is too high

You read right - this is a perfect way for your new and growing small business to have access to constant, fresh content from a professional photographer!

Amazing, right? Here are some answers to common questions about branding subscriptions:

What is a photo subscription?
It's a special package I've put together, and I also call it a brand subscription.  It is a custom package we put together based on your business needs.  We decide how many photos you want, what their purpose is, and how frequently we should do them.

How often can we get this subscription?
You can set it up in weekly, monthly, or quarterly shoots - pretty easy right?  Quarterly and monthly subscriptions are currently my most popular option, and I am working with five brands in this way! 

Ok, that is dope - but how much does it cost?
That's the nicest thing about this whole plan - it is a fairly low, predictable cost. Pricing is determined based on how many photos and how many shoots you need, and payment can be spread out into bi-weekly or monthly payments.  My goal is to keep your payments similarly sized to a utility bill. 

What's the advantage of doing it this way, rather than booking whenever we need?
Well, there are a few.  

First, it ensures you are on schedule (if you're like me, social media consistency is one of the hardest things about running a small business!).

Second, it ensures you have HIGH QUALITY and TAILORED content for your business.

Third, working with the same creative team will help your brand  flourish in the consistency and shared vision we develop.  

How do I sign up?  
You can email me me, DM me on social media, or contact me below! I have space for only a few more brands, so if you're thinking on it, go ahead and inquire. 


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