How to Sell Your House Faster: Announcing a Partnership with First Impression Home Staging in Cary, NC!

January 22

We know professional photos are essential to putting your listing in the best light on the internet.  We know home staging is important for pulling together a tasteful appearance in an occupied home and fueling the imagination of buyers when looking at vacant homes. 

What could be better?

Well, two minds are better than one: today, I am announcing my partnership with First Impression Home Staging!  When you are prepping your listing, whether you are a REALTOR (r) or FSBO, you can hire two creative experts.

As Sherrie, owner of First Impression, puts it: a staged, vacant home sells between 5,000-10,000 dollars ABOVE list price (read more here). And, we know that a buyer's opinion of a home is formed within 15 seconds - and photos are the tool buyers use to make that fast opinion.

But if you've ever sold a home, you know that being the middle man for tons of service providers is really difficult. That's why we formed this partnership - we have already synched up, formed strategies for getting the job done efficiently, and have established a workflow internally. That's less stress for you!

Could it get any better? Yes - we have also formed a package discount! So you get two experts, less work, and a better price.

How to book?
Email me or Sherrie and let us know when you're trying to list.

No listings for now, but interested for the future?
Send me a message below:


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