Session Recap: Ashby – NCSU 2020 Grad

September 25

It’s no secret that I love getting NCSU grads on my calendar come graduation time. I graduated from NC State in 2013 and I would say attending NC State was the most formative part of my younger years. Way more than high school, personally. And I’m still an avid basketball fan. Go pack!

But it’s especially exciting when I get requests from my grads to celebrate something unique about their time in school. Ashby’s was rockets.

Yep - real rockets! These puppies were part of her senior capstone as a graduate of the Aerospace Engineering program. They’re hand-painted with love and prize-winning, I was told! I thought that was just the coolest thing. We had a great time visiting the campus and it was sort of surreal because NCSU students haven’t been on campus for classes in months now.

Walking campus is one of my favorite parts about graduation session, though. Taking your first look at your campus as an alumni is so special, and I treasure being the person who captures that look in your eye for the first time. 


Graduation Portraits

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