Session Recap: Beth – Jack Britt HS Senior Photos

September 25

Beth was my kind of gal, She wanted to have fun with these photos, and I just eat up the opportunity to show off what makes you YOU.

For her, it was:
 - cats
 - crocs
 - high fashion
 - a 'trash the dress' shot

The class of 2020 has probably heard enough about how exceptional this time is. This session was a defiant celebration.

It definitely was an arduous journey to get the images made though. We had this consultation in February, then had to push the date back twice due to safety concerns and local restrictions. I am probably the most rule-abiding photographer ever. Haha. So shoot day arrives, and of course any North Carolinian knows there’s a risk of thunderstorms any day between May and…September.

Well take a look at that storm cloud -->

I was thinking “it’s fine, we’ll be okay” right until this moment. We decided to scurry to safety and we made it JUST IN TIME before the stormiest storm ever came through.

We all huddled under the awning of a church, watched it rain for about 30 minutes, and then decided we’d just have to keep trying and reschedule again.

But our patience paid off!

So, big congrats to you, Beth, on graduating. Keep being the most persistently happy and easy-going person you are!

Also please enjoy these photos of her handsome kitty, Apollo!


Senior Portrait

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