Session Recap: Katie’s Senior Portraits

April 30

First: let me say how special this particular senior is to me. She’s the kid sister of one of my best friends. I remember the day she was born! We were in 5th grade and I remember meeting her when she came home. And her parents, who now live out of state, let me capture her senior year for her 🙂

Senior year of high school is such a fun time - the year is jam-packed with prom, homecoming, senior trips, and you have the excitement of college admissions, some students are able to drive around with friends independently for the first time...and graduation. That’s a biggie 🙂

But senior year is also a time to look back. It's a time to look back on friendships you've made, accomplishments, struggles you (senior or parent!) have overcome. It's a time for everyone to recognize what has been, and what will be.

I know I didn't think about that when I was a senior. Yet, the only pictures my parents have of me in the house ten years later are from my senior photo session. They're the only professionally-done photo I had at that age, and my family treasures them.

Senior photos are a moment in time for families, and I am here for it!

Check out highlights from Katie's below.


Senior Portrait

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