The Holidays Are Coming: Check Out 700 Rivers

October 29

Holidays are coming, ready or not!  TBH, I am not ready. I have usually composed a shopping list by Halloween.  I'm behind 😐 #2020 am I right?

Good thing Cathy at 700 Rivers is ready to go! 

I first learned about 700 Rivers this spring. I was honored to do a few sample images for the business, and even more flattered when Cathy came back with a holiday mission!

In case you didn't know, 700 Rivers supports efforts to provide a living wage to women in Bangladesh who have escaped human trafficking. These soaps are handmade by those women and sold here locally in Cary, NC!

A pretty noble mission, I think!

And, now that I have been personally tempted by how AMAZING these smell while I photographed them, I can safely say I recommend them. I have every scent in my bathroom right now!

Check out some of the holiday marketing images I put together for 700 rivers below!

Oh, and if you'd like to support the business, or just have some soap addicts to shop for this year, you can go to and go crazy!


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